What Is Lipo-light?

“Lipo” in medical terms means “fat.” “Lipo-light” is a new breakthrough technology that uses a specific kind of therapeutic light that penetrates, opens up fat cells and liquefies the fat in them.  The fat then easily leaves the cells to be burned as energy. This results in the fat cells shrinking and your body visibly becoming smaller! In other words, you will lose inches in the area that is targeted by the Lipo-light! We provide Lipo Light services in our Chagrin Falls office and service the surrounding areas.

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Lipo Light Therapy
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A Safe, Effective & Drug-Free Approach to Losing Stubborn Fat

A Safe, Effective & Drug-Free Approach to Losing Stubborn Fat

At Quick Slim Solutions, we are here to help you reach your goal of slimming down and consider each of our clients a personal friend. Combined with healthy eating habits and exercise, you can maximize the benefits of Lipo Light for fat reduction and weight loss management. Our clients also receive a full, complimentary nutritional and/or chiropractic evaluation with one of our experienced doctors at our sister company, Chagrin Natural Health Clinic.
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